The carbon belts technology also comes to bicycles and we have wanted to incorporate it into our AXXIS bikes models. The core of system is the carbon belt noted for its low maintenance and high durability. Gates Track Center  CDX belts are made of polyurethane reinforced with carbon fiber. This is an excellent material with formidable hardness and extremely weatherproof, is a flexible and resilient material. The teeth are given a special coating during manufacture, thereby increasing the inner side surface to make it more durable, thus significantly increasing the useful life of the belt.





  • The belts don´t elongate during its lifetime, unlike what happens with traditional chains.
  • The transmission system lifetime is much greater than any chain system, approximately 25,000 kmts.
  • Lightness, a normal chain weighs about 300 grams, against 70 grams that weighs the Gates Carbon Drive.
  • The system don´t requires maintenance and lubrication and is completely resistant to dirt, snow, dust, mud
  • Belt system is completely silent, without any noise produced by a traditional chain.
  • The system is clean by not having lub.


All AXXIS models can be configured to set up the Gates Carbon Drive system. The frame opening for belt installation is performed by “CNC splitters” fitted to the right chainstay, that allow the opening of the frame. With AXXIS the choices are multiplied to provide the best experiences; ………… Enjoy it.